Happy Leopards


Scarf (square) 110cm x 110cm – £200

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Limited Edition Happy Leopards Scarf 110cm x 110cm

My Leopards series was originally inspired by the most beautiful mosaic I saw in one of the majestic domes in the Vatican a long time ago.

I’m passionate about painting Leopards, Palm Trees, Peacocks and other exotic Birds, Flowers and lush vegetation. This particular composition is kind of known as my signature painting because I have sold many different versions over the past 15 years and kind of become a classic..

These particular Leopards come from my latest triptych in oil, painted in my Studio in London.

Thankyou for purchasing this scarf and hope you enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

Thankyou for purchasing this scarf.

Limited Edition Scarf presentation example:

Daphne Stephenson is a luxury label committed to producing ethical products with ?% Pure and Organic materials. Designed in England.

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