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Artistic Biography.

Daphne Stephenson is considered one of the foremost Primitive Naive Artists working in Britain today.

She owes much of her inspiration to living abroad for the first 10 years of her life along with her extensive travels. It is her colourful past that unquestionably lends itself to her exquisite and cheerful paintings. She likes to create ‘happy paintings that make people feel good’!

She brings an eclectic mix of different cultures and backgrounds into every area of her work with an air of charm, wit and sophistication.


Daphne has worked for numerous well established companies designing scarves and ties and being In-House Designer for Halcyon Days at their head office in Bond Street.

She has also had various small enterprises designed belts, hand painted shoe trees and novelty hand made matchboxes plus unique theatrical flamboyant lamps made with lost and found objects and vintage collectibles.

Her latest ventures are her very exciting launch of brand new Limited Edition Silk Scarves. They come from her more recent paintings and have been printed on organic luxury light Habutai silk. Nothing like them has been seen anywhere on the market. Some of the scarves have matching silk handkerchiefs and some come with a hidden surprise free gift.

Daphne has exhibited at The Royal Academy and John Martin in Piccadilly. Masterworks Museum Bermuda, Agora Gallery Soho New York, ING Bank London City, 28 Dover Street Piccadilly and several other shows. She was Chairman to the Association of British Naive Artists for over 9 years.
There has been an increasing demand and interest from private collectors and her work now hangs all over Europe with her largest collection in The Bahamas.

She has been particularly influenced by her time on Caribbean islands like the Bahamas, Bermuda, The Seychelles and Jamaica and loves painting lush vegetation, birds of paradise and anything tropical. But Daphne comes back to reality now and then, with her British and European scenes.

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