Artistic Biography.

Daphne Stephenson has gained considerable recognition in the Art world as a Primitive Naive Artist and her works have become increasingly sought after with collectors around the world. Her largest collection of 14 paintings is owned by Lehman Brothers Debby Brice in the Bahamas along with various other bankers including JPMorgan and ING Bank amongst others.

Daphne has always been in love with Exotic Tropical scenes and lush vegetation, Palm Trees, Leopards and Birds of Paradise.
Influenced by her early years living in Pakistan, holidays in Kashmir and significant travels through India and Africa in her late teenage years, her work reflects these memories.

More recently inspired by her time in Bermuda, Bahamas, Seychelles and Jamaica, she brings an eclectic mix of different cultures and backgrounds into every area of her work with an air of charm, wit and sophistication.


Daphne has worked for numerous well established companies designing scarves, ties, and being In House Designer for Halcyon Days at their head office in Bond Street.

She has had various small enterprises of her own designing belts, hand painted shoe trees, novelty decorated match boxes and flamboyant lamps made with lost & found collectibles in between teaching for many years.

Daphne was Chairman to the Association of British Naives for over 9 years and has exhibited at The Royal Academy Piccadilly, ING Bank City London, Masterworks Museum Bermuda, Agora Soho New York, John Martin Piccadilly, 28 Dover Street and many established galleries.

Her Studio is based in London Wimbledon Art Studios where she has worked over the last 10 years and is “my oasis of peace and joy”.

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