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Changing one Room at a Time
With Life Transforming Art

Enter the mesmerising world of Daphne Stephensons exotic paintings transformed into luxury Limited Edition Prints. Each one is an edition of 50 signed and printed on thick Museum paper and colour fast for 100 years. The crispness, colour and exact colour matches are second to none. Clients literally think it’s the real painting; the quality is outstanding.

Once you order your Print, it take two weeks to process, sign and post in rolled form in tubes to your door.

When you receive it please handle with care when rolling it out. You won’t be disappointed!!

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All Trade & Framing Enquiries please call 07709 431 680
  • Two of Kind

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • Reflections of a Tiger by Daphne Stephenson
  • Please Forgive Me

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • Leopard in Moonlight

    £650.00£850.00 Select options
  • Never a Dull Moment

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • Tigers in the Jungle

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • Tale of Two Tigers

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • Fountain of Life

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • It Takes Two to Tango

    £1,200.00£2,000.00 Select options
  • I am the Way

    £540.00£950.00 Select options
  • Birds of Paradise

    £550.00£1,250.00 Select options
  • Bermuda House

    £550.00£950.00 Select options
  • Another World

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • Heat of the Day

    £400.00£950.00 Select options
  • Standing Ovation

    £350.00£950.00 Select options
  • Night at the Theatre

    £450.00£650.00 Select options

Questions and Answers


Shipping and Handling of the Prints can be sent anywhere in the world. Most Prints are sent in Roll form.

Should you wish for the Print to be framed up and sent then please email at daphnestephenson@aol.com for a specific quote for framing recommendations and shipping. Framing Suggestions:


Quality and Assurance is second to none. The prints are printed on 80% bamboo & 20% cotton paper (like thick blotting paper) and colour fast for a 100 years. Colour fidelity is absolutely perfect as Daphne spends alot of time working with her Printers to get the exact colour matches and colour balance right. Most people think it’s the real painting as the printing is award winning and outstanding.


If you have small rooms and you are considering or debating what size to choose, I always say, go for one Big Print instead of a small one. You want one big statement piece and it automatically enlarges the room. So it’s a win win situation.


Below are two of the most popular ways. Either plain painted off white, beige or another more subtle colour to match your picture. Then there is this beautiful distressed brown and old gold Italian frame which I use all the time. You want to work out if you need a 1” 2” or 3” border depending on the picture and size.
Please see where we use a small border or a lot.
As for an original commissioned Painting, we always go for Rose & Hollis hand painted frames meticulously done to match the picture. People absolutely love them. It really gives the painting such a facelift. Or, as you can see below, you could just go for a simpler option and have a thin strip of painted wood hugging your original all round.
I spend a lot of money on framing as it is so important to get right. It can either make or break a picture so you definitely need to consider spending the right amount. Consider using non reflective glass which is very expensive I know, particularly since lockdown, but again; take a deep breath, it’s worth it. You don’t have to look at a glare that obstructs the Print; you just have piece of mind really enjoying the picture for a lifetime and at the same time protecting your picture from colour fading.
All the Prints are colour fast for a 100 years and printed on the best museum quality paper made up of 80% bamboo and 20% cotton. It’s like thick blotting paper.
It is my mission to help transform Homes one room at a time, transporting you into another world through my Paintings. Where leopards and tigers live in harmony immersed in Jungle’s of exotic flowers and lush vegetation bringing Abundance, Joy, Peace, Calm, Order and Serenity, that only nature can bring, escaping from the noise and hustle and bustle of life.
We can get your Painting or Print framed up In House at Wimbledon Art Studios where I have worked with my two best framers for 10 years, or you can have it framed up yourself. You will receive your Print in a Roll via DHL. Please email or call for questions or quotes on 07709431680 or daphnestephenson.com
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