Daphne Stephenson’s exotic, beautifully painted, elegant creations are a delight. Her bold choice of colour is reminiscent of Hermès. Likewise her Rousseau-esque, finely detailed jungle paintings – Please Forgive Me – Leopards in the Jungle and Leopard in Moonlight – are explosions of colour, complemented by their intriguing subject-matter – fantastical trees and flowers, prowling leopards and chirpy birds. In the midst of this, all appears to be ordered and harmonious, but things are not quite what they seem. Nowhere is this more apparent than in another of her perfectly executed paintings entitled, “Tropical Birds of Paradise”, which features five brightly feathered birds in contrasting poses. No wonder Daphne Stephenson has chosen to transpose the unique subject matter of her paintings from canvas onto to silk and other materials. Her stunning silk kimonos with their bold, quirky designs are effectively walking pieces of art.
– Val Barnes, June 2023

“Your paintings are euphoric like fireworks on your birthday. It’s an alleluia painting. Your paintings are unique and very very good.
Nobody else does it like this and I know a thing or two about art”

– George Tabet, September 2019

“Life leaps off the canvas. A fantastical world of colour and imagination. Uplifting, energizing, life affirming and enchanting. Daphne’s character is mirrored by the vibrancy in her paintings”
– Charlotte Ashendon

“If there were ‘Shares’ in your Art, I would buy them”

“Your Art is a complete antidote to the pressures and stresses of every day life with the joy and life that they bring”
– Nigel Stuart-Grumbar

“Looking at your island paintings immediately transports me to the Caribbean and evokes the delicious smells, sounds and beauty I’ve experienced there, but in even greater volumes of intesity, colour and atmosphere. One of the most fabulously talented woman I know”
– Sarah Van der Noot

“Lots of oohs and aahs here on the ward”
– Tricia Wellings

“You are going to be mega big. All you need is funding. If I had the money I would buy 20 Jolomos and 20 of yours. ”
–  Shahab Hanif

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