What’s my latest news?
Time for an update!

2023 was a monumental year.

A lot of very hard work; not taking my foot off the pedal.
I had the privilege and joy of several fantastic commissions and sales of 3 large Exotic Jungle paintings which each took me around two months to do. In the meantime I worked with 5 factories and dropped two, to produce my first official Fashion Merchandise from my Artwork.
It has always been a long held vision and dream to turn my paintings into moving Art in the form of luxury Silk Kaftans and Scarves, Kimonos, Pantaloons, Tote Bags and Cushions with most mixing and matching items.
The launch took place at Kelling Designs Showroom in Langton Street, London SW10 and was a huge success with a lot of very happy new clients.

In the meantime Sahara Fashion who have a chain of 16 outlets in Britain took on my Midrange Collection to show in 7 of their more prominent retail outlets from Tunbridge Wells, Cirencester to Oxford.

And I must not forget to mention when I took a stroll down the Kings Road in October wearing my first Pantaloons and carrying a matching Tote Bag, I got stopped 3 times at a Bus Stop asking where I had got my trousers from. And if that didn’t take me by surprise then walking into Jigsaw did when I was asked a further 2 times where I got my merchandise from and one was the Manageress herself. So I was a very happy bunny!!

Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024 were welcomed with open arms and January I have spent recovering.
Now it’s back to the drawing board painting new works of Art and new ideas. Also reaping the joys of the first Press Releases like being in Gentleman’s Magazine with a very surprising 4 page spread and other exciting write ups to come.

Onwards and upwards…. I go…..scary, exciting, overwhelming at times but nevertheless going from strength to strength and making dreams come true!
If you contact me directly via email for any orders of your choice, I will give you 20% off for having read this far!

See photos below
Have a good season ahead

Love Daphne x


The last 8 months have been mega.

My very long term dream of transforming my Art into my first Fashion Merchandise has been unfolding and becoming a reality.

Starting off with truly beautiful quality Silk Scarves, we are about to launch the first collection in September via Jigsaw in the Kings Rd. Not quite confirmed yet but they have expressed a real interest. So have Kelling Designs my favourite Interior Decorators off the Kings Rd. They would like to collaborate with my limited edition signed prints which will be shown in their fabulous small showroom in Langton Street. And last but not least, Sahara Fashion have put in their second order as a test run for the future. So I am grateful and excited. It really is such a joy to see one’s hard earned work my paintings being transformed onto gorgeous Kaftans, Kimonos, matching pants and other accessories. Watch this space. A new Online Shop is coming just for the merchandise which will be attached to my website here.

You will definitely want something in the collection either for yourself or someone you know.

Bye for now




Hi Everyone

Never a Dull Moment

During covid lockdown I was busy with commissions throughout and then as soon as lockdown was over there were several months of nothing! Being the summer months every one was focusing on Holidays here in Britain ofcourse. You never know what’s round the corner but it was a very good run painting from home whilst it lasted. Having said that, I was bursting to get out and back in the Studio which I love!

Wimbledon Art Studio’s is the most wonderful community you could wish for. The office staff are fabulous and many have been there for over 10 years like myself. There is a small established group of around 25 of us Artists who have been there forever and we often have lunch together in the sunshine outdoors when we can.
So… back to work….


2020 was a very fruitful year with a record number of paintings sold and I was truly grateful.

My Jungle scenes continue to be in demand but I have entered 2021 wanting a change by going into pastel coloured vegetation rather than the deep dark greens of the rainforest; still keeping my leopards and tigers as predominant features.
Deforestation, poaching and our endangered wildlife have been very much on my mind during lockdown hence the wildlife jungle paintings…

January 2020

2019 was a great success. Almost every original painting of mine sold and they were all large pieces with beautiful frames. Jayne Rumsey from Ioana House Gallery was a huge part of this and I am very grateful to be in partnership with her.

There was also the launch of my limited edition Giclee prints on outstanding quality museum paper by the best printer in the country. I have been pleasantly surprised to see these taking off both through my website and the gallery…

April 2019

Hi Everyone!

The last year and a half, since my Solo Exhibition in Earlscourt, I have worked non stop on commissions till end of January this year.

All a joy to do and at times most challenging but nevertheless unique one off pieces as usual!

The one I’m most proud of is one I cannot disclose fully as it is for a future poster for a film called Garden of Eden based on the life of Ernest Hemingway. However I can give you snippets which you will find by clicking here:

July 2018

2017 was a monumental year! I got married in July to my fabulous soulmate Algie who I had got to know over a period of three years before we went up the Isle! We actually met in the church we still attend St Augustines in South Kensington and got married there.

I then had the largest one woman Exhibition I have ever had in Earlscourt in October. 2 years of work and it was amazing!

Sold lots more paintings and officially launched Daphne Lorenzo Lamps. These are all one off very quirky unusual Lamp made with lost and found objects and vintage collectibles. I design theatrical opulent lampshades to match. They went down a storm. See the video (right) of the evening if you have 5 mins.

Since the Exhibition, I have been working on various commissions. 

One went to Singapore, one went to Lebanon and another to Dubai. All for one lovely client.

 I also did an Indonesian Wedding for another client and friend.

Recently I have been fortunate to work on a commission for a Poster of a Film, based on one of Ernest Hemingways books, which I hope to have finished at the end of August. It is huge! Lots of exotic foliage, fruit, vegetation and the sea amongst other things. All the things I love to paint!

Then, I will be concentrating on smaller paintings  to exhibit at the November Wimbledon Art Studios annual Exhibition along with some new lamps.

Feel very blessed!



October Exhibition

Daphne Stephenson has spent a year and a half preparing for this exclusive Exhibition. She is well known for her Primitive Naive style of Folk and Visionary Art  but is bringing in a surprising new twist. The launch of a unique collection of theatrical flamboyant lamps made with lost and found objects and vintage collectables along side her paintings. This Exhibition promises to be not only exciting but inspiring and thought provoking.

Daphne has always been in love with Tropical scenes, Birds of Paradise and Lush Vegetation. Influenced by her early years living abroad, inspired by extensive travels through India and Africa and having lived and spent much time in Europe, she brings an eclectic mix of different cultures and backgrounds into every area of her work with an air of charm, wit and sophistication.

She has been particularly influenced by her time in the Bahamas, Bermuda, The Seychelles and Jamaica and this is evident in her Island paintings in the show.

“I love to create beautiful things that can transform and a space and give a room a complete facelift ”

The Exhibition ‘Let There be Light’ is only showing for just over a week from the 13th to the 22nd October. The Gallery will be open from 1pm to 8pm after the Preview night.

238 Old Brompton Gallery, Old Brompton Rd, Earlscourt SW5 ODE.

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