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Transporting you into another World with Life Transforming Art

Daphne Stephenson

Daphne is passionate about Naive art. Apart from her own painting, she collects it, represented Britain at The European Festival of Naive Art in France and was Chairman of The Association of British Naive Artists.

Daphne Stephenson has a wealth of experience in the world of art & design and is well known for her Primitive-Naive style of art.

“There is no other Art as raw, honest and engaging as true self-taught Naive Art. It is well recognised and collected in much of Europe and the United States but Britain has some catching up to do. It has fetched some of the highest prices in Auction Houses to this day; Lowry and Rousseau to name but a few”

“Naive artists make an appearance when art becomes too precious or too clever. Someone with a natural gift, untrained, comes along and overturns everybody’s preconceived notions, and makes us rethink and return to a pre-renaissance naturalism” Alan Bowness

Enjoy navigating through the pages of her Gallery where you will find a collection of her latest work.

Transporting you into another World with Life Transforming Art


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