Blue Jungle River Kashmir – Card



My Jungle Paintings are totally inspired by early childhood memories on houseboats in Kashmir.

I lived in Pakistan until the age of 6. Even though I am well travelled, our holidays Kashmir had a tremendous impact upon me as a little girl. I will never forget the vibrant trees and flowers and the Jungle life along the lakes. The amazing vegetation with all kinds of exotic birds and insects like you have never seen before. The sound of squawking parrots and swinging monkeys trying to keep up with us as our boats glided along the stillness of those waters was mesmerising. The Jungle life there was simply intoxicating.

So based on these memories I have tried to capture various elements in different paintings. Based in my studio in London, I love escaping into magical worlds of vegetation and colour and all that is beautiful in this magnificent world of ours.


13cm x 17cm

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