Standing Ovation



Large Framed (acrylic/perspex glass)

100cm x 100cm (114cm x 114cm incl. border)

Acrylic – £750

Perspex glass – £1150


Large Roll (acrylic signed)

90cm x 90cm (112cm x 112cm incl. border) – £650


Medium Roll (acrylic signed)

75cm x 75cm (90cm x 90cm incl. border) – £500


Small Roll

50cm x 50cm (60cm x 60cm incl. border) – £350


Each painting has a special code on the back to signify Original Artwork by Daphne Stephenson which is specially logged.

Postage and Packing is free for print orders only. Framed pieces are charged at national or international rates.


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Large Framed – Acrylic (100cm x 100cm), Large Framed – Perspex Glass (100cm x 100cm), Large Roll (90cm x 90cm), Medium Roll (75cm x 75cm), Small Roll (50cm x 50cm)