Daphne Stephenson has been an Artist and Designer for numerous years.

It all began when she was a young girl influenced by the well known artist Fleur Cowles who had a tremendous impact on her painting leopards and flowers in particular. She lived in Pakistan in her early childhood where she was influenced by brightly coloured flowers and leafy foliage. Holidays in Kashmir had a further influence on her Jungle scenes which helped Daphne in her unique style which is so well known and evident in her paintings today.

In her early career Daphne designed corporate Ties and Scarves before becoming an In House Enameller and designer for Halcyon Days.

Daphne was also involved in a variety of small limited edition enterprises of her own, from unique wooden hand painted shoe trees to quirky glitter matchboxes and flamboyant funky lamps.

She continues to paint and design from her Studio in London with an ever increasing interest in her work from Private Collectors and new clients and galleries.

Daphne and Her Works & World of Art - Photo montage by Sofia Maria Paz

Limited Edition Prints

The magnificent collection of limited edition Glicee Prints are printed in house and are the highest quality imaginable. It’s like having the real painting literally! The crispness, clarity and exact colour matches are second to none and are meticulously worked through and corrected by Martin Sturgess and Daphne herself. Once framed, you have a masterpiece! The paintings are from various experiences and times in Daphne’s life. Living abroad in Pakistan and influenced by holidays in Kashmir in her early years, she then settled in Britain. She travelled extensively through India and Africa in her teenage years and more recently to various Caribbean islands. These memories permeate throughout her paintings as you will see below.

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Daphne Lorenzo Lamps are individually designed and hand made in London with predominantly British objects.

These are opulent and fabulous to look at. Made with all sorts of coloured glass, old vintage tins and other collectables, they often have unique pieces in them. Porsches , buses, catwalk shoes, speedboats and other statement pieces. They are talking pieces within themselves and they are each individually titled. They will transform any room be it a bedroom, sitting room, conservatory, kitchen or Hotel Bar, Lobby, Lounge or Restaurant.

All one-off Art pieces, they are sure to entertain and never to be reproduced again. They are simply unique.

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Scarves & Handkerchiefs

Welcome to my first collection of Beautiful Limited Edition Silk Scarves created from my Paintings.

Made from light 100% Habutai Silk, they promise to give you many years of joy and a flamboyant accessory to whatever you wear day or night.

And here is an added bonus! These scarves looks so good you could even frame them at a fraction of the cost of the original painting.

Whatever you decide, you will be happy. You have a unique gift to give yourself or someone else that will last for years to come.

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