August 2017

Hi Everyone

I have had a lot of trouble trying to get this Island scene right! Never have I had to come back to any painting so much to get the balance of colours right. The island was green before but I have changed that now. Even the frame colour has been changed three times and is about to be changed again!!

In the end I took it down to the kitchen common room at Wimbledon Art studios and put it on the wall there for a general consensus of opinion from my fellow artists! Well, I’m glad to say, I’m happy with it now and my website designer and a few others really love it, so I’m a happy bunny. I can’t sell anything I don’t like or doesn’t sit well with me but we got there in the end.

It’s going to transform someone’s room and lift the atmosphere there completely.


April 2012 Update

Since the mixed exhibition in October with my three sisters there have been continuing commissions and sales related to our exhibition which have exceeded all our expectations. I am so pleased to have a handful of clients that collect my work.

I gave the months of January, February and March to designing, editing and producing The Association of Britsh Naives book on behalf of all our members along with Judy Joel. A lot of hard work but worth it all. Hopefully we will be able to publish our work in a series of books once every two or three years with our wonderful printers The Colourhouse.

I had a long awaited for family holiday in India after Christmas which gave me the energy to produce the book and if that wasn’t enough, I have just come back from almost a month in The Seychelles painting and working with the church a bit. All paid for by the way. Spoiled beyond belief! So now I am off to Devon, to oversee an exhibition with The Association of British Naives at Delamore House. They have put on exhibitions for 10 years and this year we are their guests of honour. They expect 10,000 people to walk through the doors over the month of May. How exciting. We will also be launching our book and the press will be coming and doing some big features. An auctioneer recently advised people on the radio to invest in Naive Art because he reckons it IS the new genre which we believe in too.

Bye for now,


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