April 2019

Hi Everyone!

The last year and a half, since my Solo Exhibition in Earlscourt, I have worked non stop on commissions till end of January this year.

All a joy to do and at times most challenging but nevertheless unique one off pieces as usual!

The one I’m most proud of is one I cannot disclose fully as it is for a future poster for a film called Garden of Eden based on the life of Ernest Hemingway. However I can give you snippets which you will find below.

So, as I said, this Spring has seen me running as three Galleries approached me and I chose one that I felt I had a good connection with. Jayne Rumsey who I love from Iona House Gallery in Oxfordshire who just gets me. So, we are on a roll. The Spring Affordable Art Fair in Battersea was a great success & I was her top seller, then the Iona House Gallery Spring fair now on and onto the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead.

I used to love the AAF then went off it completely and now I have got all excited about them again! Alot of exhibitors change their stands every day it seems so what you see on Wednesday is an entirely different show to Friday or Sunday!!

Anyways, I am working on a masterpiece for the brand new opening of the Hampshire Art Fair in a most fantastic barn conversion. Run by Nadia Waterfield Fine Art none other than my gorgeous sister Nadia. Opening 9th May! Very exciting to be part of her new venture.

In the meantime, I am trying to leave space for at least one new painting for Wimbledon Open Studios also starting on the 9th May! I am opening my space to the general public with my fellow artists. It’s definitely worth a visit because it’s most enjoyable all round and voted one of the 10 best places to visit in London recently.

What’s for the future? Well……it’s going to be my paintings on silk scarves. As soon as I am able to. It’s been a long News letter but hopefully worth a little read!

Last but not least, I think I owe my new level and quality of painting, which have become more flamboyant, sophisticated and exotic to my never ending love of God and the joy he has given me being married to such a wonderful husband and friend Algie and my fabulous daughter and family.

Happiness heals and is the well Spring of life!

I hope this happiness and wellspring of life transmits and permeates throughout my work so that my paintings bring joy, peace and love wherever they settle or come to be.

Blessings and Love,


Parts of my Painting for the Poster of the film to be made based on the life of Ernest Hemingway

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