2020 was a very fruitful year with a record number of paintings sold and I was truly grateful.

My Jungle scenes continue to be in demand but I have entered 2021 wanting a change by going into pastel coloured vegetation rather than the deep dark greens of the rainforest; still keeping my leopards and tigers as predominant features.
Deforestation, poaching and our endangered wildlife have been very much on my mind during lockdown hence the wildlife jungle paintings.
I have recently completed my most detailed work of a scene called Garden of Eden, with beautiful exotic foliage and giraffes, pangolins, okapis and the usual leopards. It has been entered into The Royal Academy as a mixed media limited edition signed Print. An edition of 50. The original sold quickly. It would make my joy complete if it gets accepted!!🙏
On a sadder note, the new business with my partner Susan & BlueOrchidDesigns didn’t work out, mainly because of lockdown and differences of opinion but we parted as friends and learnt a lot in a year.
I am still nevertheless excited about the future with my silk scarves because some of them are really gorgeous! A work of Art adorning your neck like beautiful jewellery and ofcourse make really wonderful presents.
The Jungle Prints are absolute winners especially the big 110 x 110cm ones and orders continue.

Speak to you before long with more good news hopefully!


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